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The headlines for July 9

In recent months we've talked about Marilyn Manson's many accusers who say the rocker is a creep and a rapist. All the while he's denied the allegations. But now he's actually turned himself in, but it's not for any of those high-profile sex crimes we've talked about. Manson, whose name is Brian Warner, was facing two counts of misdemeanor simple assault after he was accused of spitting on a photographer at a concert and that amounts to unprivileged physical contact. And the crazy thing is this is said to have happened nearly two years ago in New Hampshire. The crime finally caught up with him and Manson, or Warner, turned himself in in California. He showed up, was booked and then released on bail. The videographer in the incident wasn't injured. As with the sex crimes, Manson, or Warner, maintains his innocence.

In other legal news, earlier this week we talked about how Britney Spears's conservator case is heating up in court. That's because Britney wants freedom and there's a whole bunch of legal drama going on behind the scenes. Spears's court-appointed lawyer quit, her other conservator Jodi Montgomery says she's getting death threats and now wants 24-7 security protection. And with Montgomery's request, it needed to be bounced off of Britney's dad Jamie who's in charge of his daughter's business affairs. We mentioned that he and the judge would need to approve Montgomery's request. Well, Jamie has spoken up and said Britney's estate can't afford the cost of approximately $50,000 per month. Jamie said if Montgomery's request is approved, there'd be no shortage of people coming forward and seeking their own security detail. In the end, the judge will have the final say. We'll see what happens.

The DJ Diplo is also facing some time in court after a woman came forward saying she was coerced in performing a sex act on the famed record spinner. She said it happened back in 2019 after one of his shows in Las Vegas. She said she was there with friends and was drinking pretty hard. From there, the woman claims she was invited to an after party where a bunch of people mingled and she was later invited to Diplo's personal room. It's then that she said she was forced into the sex act and it was recorded. For his part, Diplo's lawyer, "This complaint is completely outrageous, wildly untrue and yet also entirely predictable, given that it simply repeats the exact same claim already made by the plaintiff’s friend Shelly Auguste, an individual who has been harassing Mr. Pentz and his family for more than a year and already has repeatedly violated the restraining order issued against her. We have irrefutable evidence that this is a completely meritless claim and we will be providing it to a court as quickly as we possibly can to put an end to this shakedown by Ms. Auguste and her accomplices once and for all."

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