The headlines for Oct. 7

Those Jersey Shore stars can't stay out of the slammer. First it was Mike the Situation for his tax problem and now it's a violent Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. We've talked about the many run ins he's had with his baby momma Jen Harley. The two have violent outbursts that sometimes play out on social media. It's led to police being called and even Ronnie being dragged from a car one time, according to reports. The latest happened in L.A. where their relationship was seemingly back on because they were staying at a rental house. But in the early morning on Friday there was a big fight and Ronnie allegedly chased her with a knife. We're also hearing police used a Taser on him when Ronnie gave chase.
Also during the melee, Ronnie was said to have had their year-and-a-half-old daughter in his arms and then locked he and the girl in the house after Jen fled.
We later heard that Ronnie was doing cocaine and flew into a rage which is what scared everyone -- remember, he's a big guy.
Ronnie was arrested, wheeled away on a gurney to the hospital and booked for kidnapping. The fun police stuff always happens after they make sure you're OK in the hospital. It gives you something to look forward to. A great way to cap off the experience.
Ronnie's bail was set at $100,000 and he was released later that same morning.
In other relationship news, there's a lot of speculation that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are back together. The two apparently had a coincidental run-in last week while he was at a recording studio and she happened to be dropping off some friends there. Either way, Jenner set the record straight saying they're civil and just because they were seen in the same vicinity that it's not that they're together. Seemingly to confirm that, Tyga was spotted out with another woman anyway a couple of days later. Maybe it's an open relationship. Who knows. 
In other violent celebrity news, Andy Dick is no stranger to odd run-ins with people. In this case, it was a run-in with a guy's fists. Dick was involved in a street fight, another altercation with an Uber driver -- this time Uber Eats. Last time, Dick was accused of groping a driver for which there was an arrest warrant issued earlier this year. More on that in a second. But in this latest case, Dick was caught on video getting thrown around by a guy after they had a fight when Dick tried taking the food from the guy. In the video, you hear him say, "It's my food now, bitch!" Apparently the driver saw it differently because Dick very quickly ended up on the ground.
Dick told his side of the story was that a group of guys offered him the food and when he went for it they pulled it away.  
Elsewhere for Dick -- and maybe it was coincidental timing -- he was charged with one count of sexual battery for that Uber groping incident last year. He was arraigned on Friday. He pleaded not guilty.




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