The headlines for Dec. 17

Yesterday we talked about Tom Cruise's epic coronavirus rant on the set of Mission: Impossible 7. He said a lot of words we can't repeat on the radio. But you're damn right most people listened to the two-and-a-half-minute clip that has since gone viral.
In case you missed it, Cruise lashed out at two crew members who weren't following corona protocols. Because of that, he lost it and basically said they'd be fired if they don't smarten up. He went on to blast the production and said there's a lot of weight on his shoulders from the studio and the insurance company backing the project.
So, how did the rest of Hollywood react? It could go either way, right? You could either applaud Cruise for speaking up, or say that his repeated F-bombs were unprofessional and unreasonable.
Josh Gad tweeted, "Tom Cruise is correct here FYI. Sorry/Not sorry."
Aisha Tyler said, "Need to work on my bitchness."
Hilarie Burton Morgan said, "I've never liked him more. Can I just blast this at the supermarket?"

Despite how much they claim to love each other, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West live different lives and somehow that works for them. For years, media outlets and onlookers have questioned their relationship and wondered if they're romantic or sexual with each other. Even on Keeping Up with the Kardashians they are rarely seen together, and when they are it looks like two buddies hanging out. Wow, it's like a younger Donald and Melania marriage!
A source told people magazine that Kardashian and West "very much live separate lives" while each has interests and work that command a lot of their attention. "Their lives don't overlap much." Um, shouldn't they? They have four kids together, right?
You'll recall West unsuccessfully ran for president and failed hard, illustrating what people really think of his loose-cannon antics. Kardashian is trying to get everyone freed from jail but failed last weekend and lashed out on Twitter about the justice system.
Maybe they are a perfect pairing.


Elsewhere in troubled relationship news, Aubrey O'Day keeps trying to milk that 15 minutes of fame after she had a brief relationship with Donald Trump Jr. I should point out that he's never mentioned their fling and has never responded to any of her public accusations like he uses drugs or that he wanted to have a baby with her. This time, O'Day elaborated on the kind of guy Trump Jr. was when they fling'ed together. She claims they got together when Trump Jr. was still married to his pregnant wife Vanessa.
O'Day, responding to a tweet, said Trump has changed over the years and asked if he was always this messy, O'Day said, "He wasn't that. Trust me."