The headlines for May 22

For about a year, Lori Loughlin has denied she tried buying her kids’ way into college. Remember that whole scandal last year when a bunch of rich parents got busted for scamming high-profile colleges and universities. Well, she and husband Mossimo have long said they’re innocent, even at one point saying they were the victims because they said they didn’t know what was happening with their money. Almost like, “Hey, we gave the cash, we didn’t know what it was for.”

But for Felicity Huffman, she was also one of the people busted. Her legal troubles wrapped up early because she copped to it and was sentenced to 14 days behind bars – and even then she didn’t serve the full term.

Lori and Mossimo were seemingly defiant and not playing ball, saying they would fight the charges because of their innocence and experts believed that would only make the legal proceedings that much worse. They could have had over 40 years in lockup.

Now, the two have had their day in court and we know how much time they’ll be doing after agreeing to plead guilty in their case. It’s conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud for both and Mossimo will plead guilty to honest services wire and mail fraud.

Lori agreed to a $150,000 fine and two months in prison, plus two years of probation, along with 250 hours of community service. Mossimo faces a $250,000 fine, two months behind bars and 250 hours of community service.


Elsewhere in the celebrity criminal file, Kendall Jenner also faced the music for her involvement in a scam. You’ll recall the much-anticipated Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. It was set to feature a bunch of models and celebrities and promise to be an epic event. Well, it was epic alright. It never happened and it left people stranded, hungry and broke.

Jenner’s involvement was by way of a promoted post on Instagram. As you’ve probably heard about, the Kardashians and Jenners can get paid a lot of money just by posting something about your product or brand. It’s reported that Jenner was paid $275,000 to post about the festival. Because of her influential involvement, she was named in a lawsuit to recoup money that was lost in the scam. We’re hearing that she agreed to pay $90,000 to the trustee in the festival’s bankruptcy case.




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