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On the road

San Francisco, California

Summer in San Francisco is unlike anywhere else. During our radio broadcasts from the area, Jeremy Bradley got to captain a ship (sort of), kill zombies (humanely-ish) and learn a new sport with cocktail in hand. Plus, there was a lot of illusion to make it an experience you have to see to believe... in disbelief!

Phoenix, Arizona

The desert seemed like the best place to celebrate spring break. Jeremy Bradley explored Phoenix, Scottsdale and Carefree in this special programming from Arizona. Check out a hot air balloon ride, visit the science museum and feed animals at the zoo. Plus, as a lead up to the radio shows, JB chatted with some famous Arizona folks including Gin Blossoms, Greg Proops and Jeremy Roenick.



We left North America to celebrate Christmas 2018. The destination was Panama where Jeremy Bradley reported from regional hot spots and met with locals to explore the culture of the area.


2018 Dawson City Music Festival
Dawson City, Yukon

Our third time visiting historic Dawson City, the second covering DCMF. For the 40th anniversary of the music festival, Jeremy Bradley reported live from all over town talking with locals, concert goers and performers.


Lafayette, Louisiana

It was quite a hands-on experience in Louisiana as Jeremy Bradley had incredible access to alligators, tigers and giraffes. Seriously! Plus, a visit to the local science museum and a boat festival. Check out the summer fun in Lafayette.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Christmas 2017 was spent with no snow and lots of sun -- and a visit from Santa. Jeremy Bradley chatted with the jolly one during live broadcasts. Plus, the Canadian showed Americans how to truly ice skate. JB went backstage at The Nutcracker ballet. Also, a visit to a holiday flower show and an amusement park round out the trip.


Indianapolis, Indiana

Summer is a great time to visit Indy. We broadcast from the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway and got to zoom around the track. Plus, a visit to the Indy zoo had Jeremy Bradley painting with penguins.


Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Festival
Yukon, Canada


It was the first time visiting Yukon in winter and Jeremy Bradley took in the community festival that had snow sculptures, axe throwing and a variety show. Plus, he escaped Whitehorse to visit with some sled dogs on a private lake in a comfy cottage overlooking the mountains.

Montreal, Quebec


Last time it was spring so a return visit to Montreal at Christmastime seemed in order. This time, Jeremy Bradley experiences the city high atop a tower and checks out the area Christmas markets. Plus, he croons with some crooners starring in a Christmas show at the Montreal casino.


Houston, Texas

Celebrating Christmas in Texas, Jeremy Bradley undergoes a cowboy conversion. Plus, a visit to Houston's national funeral museum, the Downtown Aquarium, the Nutcracker and a legendary spa.


Puerto Vallarta
Celebrating 10 Years of Top of The Charts


The fourth time broadcasting from the Mexican tourist destination, this time the adrenaline and adventure was kicked up a notch. From crazy zip lines to wild water slides and swimming with dolphins in the ocean, it was three weeks of incredible anniversary celebrations.


Quebec City, Quebec


It was a beautiful Christmas in Quebec even if there was no snow. Check out the very European French-Canadian city as Jeremy Bradley also launches the 12 Days of Poutine.


Dawson City Music Festival
Dawson City, Yukon


Our second time broadcasting from Yukon, this time Jeremy Bradley acted as emcee at the hugely popular music festival in Dawson City. Check out some great Canadian talent at the summer shindig.


Winnipeg, Manitoba


Having grown up in Winnipeg, Jeremy Bradley is no stranger to the city. This spring we brought a contest winner to the city to explore. It was a great time... except for the terrible weather -- but that's Winnipeg!


Vallarta Pride 2014


After hitting the slopes in Jasper, the next natural location was the beaches in Mexico. It was the third time broadcasting from the area and Jeremy Bradley once again took in the festivities of a local Pride event.


Jasper, Alberta


The weather was perfect -- well, at least for being in Canada in spring. Invited to cover Jasper's 5th Pride celebration, Jeremy Bradley was excited but nervous. Why nervous? Because it included downhill skiing and other activities our little adventurous host had never done before. How did it go? Click to find out!

Dawson City and Whitehorse, Yukon


Everybody expects northern Canada to be freezing. Well, maybe it is, but when we went in August the weather was great.


We sent Jeremy Bradley gold panning, on stage at a can-can show, beer tasting. flying through glacial fields and more.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This was our second visit to the area, this time as a guest of the local tourism board so naturally we pulled out all the stops. We threw Jeremy Bradley into a pool with dolphins and a sea lion, where we had multiple cameras covering all the action above and under the water. Plus, he went tequila tasting, swimming with a horse, checked out a pirate ship cruise and enjoyed a day at the spa.

Montreal, Quebec

It certainly was an interesting spring break. Our live broadcasts included everything from zip lining, to indoor skydiving to tree climbing and rock climbing. Jeremy Bradley took in a professional soccer game and nearly got set on fire there.

Nova Scotia

In what was the most ambitious itinerary we ever took on, we zig zagged across the Eastern Canadian province over the course of four days, taping segments on each coast. There were certainly some adventurous moments on the trip.

Orlando, Florida

It was time to be a kid again as we broadcast live from the Disney theme parks in Orlando, plus took in SeaWorld and its water park. There was something magical about the visit, for sure.

Los Angeles, California

We are already in the Hollywood area enough but this time we decided to showcase the typical tourist things and play around. Visits to the Los Angeles Zoo, a helicopter tour and more.

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