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Multiple Sarcasm

In a world so full of hate, bigotry, violence, discrimination – the list goes on and on – it’s about time to switch off the depressing news and log out of social media to enjoy a good laugh. This is a collection of the sarcastically hilarious moments from my life that will bring a smile to your face when the stories reach the ultimate climax – sometimes multiple.

Put Down Your Damn Phone Already

This book will interest two kinds of people: those who can’t go anywhere without having their cellphone in their hand and those who enjoy mocking the people who can’t go anywhere without having their cellphone in their hand.

The Official Guide to Being a Winnipeg Cheapskate

Winnipeggers are cheap... and we're damn proud of our thriftiness. There is so much emphasis on living a Hollywood lifestyle that the appreciation of hard-earned money is easily forgotten. We value what we make and each of us comes up with ways to cut corners and save pennies. This book has creative and fun ways to save money.

A Double Dose of Sociopath

A gripping story of a young man’s bout with his battles in real life and a fictitious reality. Unable to separate the make believe from the everyday world, the struggle of radio personality Darcy Buckner is as touching as it is tragic. From the highs of career success to the lows of sociopathic depression, Buckner gives people a reason to love him and hate him. Despite constant rejection from family, Buckner is convinced he can overcome and lead a happy life

My Journey From Top to Bottom

A gay 25-year-old virgin is unheard of these days. But yes, that is what I am. Fortunately for you I am documenting my mission to go from inexperienced gay boy to sexpert in just 40 days. Every day I am determined to try something new. 

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